Lil Wayne – “Family Feud” feat. Drake

Lil Wayne hinted there will be 2 versions of his recently released Dedication 6 mixtape and here we are with the first offering of that. Remixing JAY Z’s song from his latest 4:44 album, the two rappers both remind us how great they are together.

Lil Wayne’s Ultimate ‘Carter’ Playlist

For a large number of 20-something’s, it goes without saying the impact Lil Wayne had on our lives nearly a decade ago. His 2005-2009 run of hits and non-stop content was purely bewildering and nothing short of legendary. So, a couple weeks ago, A-Willis, Caleb, DJ TANNiNG TATUM and myself got together to compile a Tha Best…

GUY – Before Its Okay (EP)

While listening to a ripped .mp3 of The Weeknd’s cover of R. Kelly’s “Down Low”, GUY, an Israeli dude from New Jersey, was up next on the autoplay with “Wait Up.” I liked what I heard (a good portion of the credit goes to producer FADE MAJAH) and here we are. Check his EP below:

Listen to TANNiNG TATUM’s ‘The Club, Vol. 7”

Hi haters! He’s back off his hiatus! DJ TANNiNG TATUM put in some work just in time for Labor Day, baby. I’m not even telling you the type of fire on this one, just go listen. Listen to ‘The Club Vol. 7″ on Apple Music

‘Iowa Pride’ Gear Now Available for Pre-Order

Folks, it’s that time. Football season…and if you happen to be an Iowa fan, you’re in luck, baby, because we’re dropping some new merch for the fall. Peep the collection below and visit to PRE-ORDER NOW-8/27.

Narcos Season 3 (Trailer)

The story picks up right where it left off, with a new guys on top and new targets on their backs. Season 3 is available on Netflix September 1st.

Tough Love: Michael Jordan Is Not Your Father

Another NBA season wrapped up, another season of redundant remarks from the fanatical fingers of LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s devoted, digital swordsmen, sworn to defend the honor of their MCM completed. Watching “Greatest of All-Time” basketball debates online is like trying to follow Game of Thrones solely through post-show reviews told third-hand. Who is the ~true~…

‘Planet of the Apps’ Is Shark Tank for Your Phone, on Your Phone

Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and are star “advisors” in a new Apple Music original series for app creators. The panel mentors the developers on how to strengthen their product and be put into a position to secure serious funding to take their app to the next level. Watch Episode 1 for free and…