TANNiNG TATUM’s “The Club” Vol. 3 

Cultivated Influence presents: The Club. Where the fists are always pumping and the asses always shaking.


Tough Love: Michael Jordan Is Not Your Father

Another NBA season wrapped up, another season of redundant remarks from the fanatical fingers of LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s devoted, digital swordsmen, sworn to defend the honor of their MCM completed. Watching “Greatest of All-Time” basketball debates online is like trying to follow Game of Thrones solely through post-show reviews told third-hand. Who is the ~true~…

‘Planet of the Apps’ Is Shark Tank for Your Phone, on Your Phone

Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and will.i.am are star “advisors” in a new Apple Music original series for app creators. The panel mentors the developers on how to strengthen their product and be put into a position to secure serious funding to take their app to the next level. Watch Episode 1 for free and…

Drake & Sade Get Mashed-Up to Create ‘More Love’

Vacations does everyone a favor and mashes up two artists that I hope can work together in the future and bring us new music. You can Download More Love here, which includes a mashup of “Passionfruit” and “Never Thought I’d See the Day”, which was pulled from the Soundcloud playlist.

TANNiNG TATUM’s “The Cut Vol. 3″

Cultivated Influence presents The Cut, a bi-weekly set curated by THE TANNiNG TATUM. The Cut is the week’s hottest jams with a sprinkle of cuts of the past that will be sure to singe that aux and drop those panties.

Solar-Powered Roadways Are Becoming a Reality

I posted about this a couple of years ago (Solar Roadways Are THE FUTURE) about the possibility of solar roads becoming the future of roadways and sidewalks, but now things are picking up steam. Check the video below:

Survival of the Fittest

Originally posted on Dwight Schrute's Blog:
Today, Mos and I hiked up the Pocono Mountains. We are preparing for our trip to New Zealand where we will walk up the Lord of the Rings trail to Mordor and climb Mount Doom. The weather was overcast with 20% humidity today in Scranton and Mos was…

TANNiNG TATUM’s “The Club” Vol. 2

Cultivated Influence presents: The Club. Where the fists are always pumping and the asses always shaking.

New bangers from David Guetta, Yellow Claw, Deorro, and more!

TANNiNG TATUM’s “The Cut Vol. 2”

New heat from Drake’s “More Life”, Zayn, PARTYNEXTDOOR as well as a throwback to Usher’s Confessions album which celebrates its 13th year out this week.

TANNiNG TATUM’s “The Club”

Not to be confused with The Cut, “The Club” is another bi-weekly playlist, curated by site DJ TANNiNG TATUM. The Club is an uptempo playlist with EDM, Trap and House sounds, keeping the bass and the fists pumping and of course that ass shaking; perfect for workouts or starting off your night. Listen to the…