A Letter from Management

Once upon a time when the internet was fun, Twitter was awesome and Kanye wasn’t well… whatever the hell he is doing now, everything was awesome. You could say what you wanted, people laughed, we all joked, we were free.

Before all the party girls put fit in their IG names and sold you their “booty plans”. Back when it was cool to go outside, the founder of this website had a vision. He had a message. He would give his state of the union once a week on a specific day. We read, we laughed, we cried from laughter, we were entertained. It was content. Great content. Hell even some shirts were sold and you may see them every so often. True relics of a time when Twitter and the internet was the Wild West. But then as time went on, the internet became less fun. People started getting a little too sensitive on the internet. Jokes slowed down, feelings got involved and the fun was gone. Twitter became an abandoned amusement park.

Cornballs started running the internet. The sappy tweets, the social justice warriors, cancel culture, and slacktivists rose. Everyone had a cause and that cause was important. People started to lose that edge, everything became PC. The truth become too tough for people. We were lost.

You see Tuesday used to be that day, someone was going to get the honest cold truth told to them. Maybe it was a Hooters girl, maybe it was the relationship goals people (Do you guys still do that? Hope not.) The horoscope crowd for sure. I mean you really rely on a random generated message to guide you through your day? Actually funny story, a girl recently asked me what it was like being to be a Taurus..

Let me get back on track, it’s time to bring that feeling back. Restore it, if you will. We need those truths, the savage soliloquy. It’s time we bring back the weekly state of the Union.

You see, it’s not about being demeaning or rude, it’s just that sometimes everyone needs a little tough love and that is what we are giving them in 2020. See ya soon!

With Love,


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