Watch The Best SuperBowl Matchup

All week long sports analysts have been pushing Kam Chancellor/Rob Gronkowski as the premier matchup of the SuperBowl. While it is an intriguing matchup to watch on Sunday, it isn’t the best. What they didn’t know is that it doesn’t hold a candle to what happened a few days ago in Glendale. Somehow Conan O’Brien made the biggest play of the week in grabbing Gronk and Marshawn Lynch (the guy who apparently doesn’t talk) to come play Mortal Kombat X in a hotel conference room . Combining the biggest personalities from each respective Super Bowl team was a genius move for this episode of Conan’s Clueless Gamer series. The two hilariously play the videogame while Conan narrates and they even show him how to properly celebrate a touchdown. Obviously who ever wins also wins the SuperBowl. So who is it?


Here are the “Marshawnisms” from the sketch. All of the outtakes and such are included below:

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