Marshawn Speaks

Marshawn Lynch has been getting a lot of coverage on this site this week, but with the SuperBowl coming up why not? Sorry Mr. Dos Equis, BeastMode himself is truly the Most Interesting Man in the World. He’s become an enigma in the past week of sorts. Mostly to the media and to whomever listens to the talking heads on ESPN. If you’ve looked beyond the story that has been told this week of how Marshawn Lynch refuses to talk to the media, you’d know there are more levels to him. In his final required media session Lynch finally let the reporters have a true piece of his mind. Giving them the quotes that’s will line their next post in hopes of getting the hit story for their respected network or publication. He says he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back when they know what’s going to happen. In this five minute clip he gives shoutout to his teammates, hometown and even speaks a little Spanish. It’s amazing how much of a story has come from a player who doesn’t want to talk to the media. He’s just a football player, he wants to go out and do what he’s paid to do. He has his charity, FAM 1st which gives back to the inner city. He’s well liked by his teammates who have nothing but great things to say about him. Some players love the spotlight and revel in the numerous cameras and microphones in their face, other don’t. Some are made for the cameras, some players will look to find a way to get those cameras in their face. And some couldn’t care less about the camera. It’s that simple. So much has been made out of this non story that it has become a story. It’s just another media created distraction. It’s honestly stunning that merely a few days before the biggest game, all that is being talked about is how a player doesn’t want to talk. It’s almost as silly as talking about deflated football games from a blowout. Better stop there. Lynch merely doesn’t want to do the media rounds. Why can’t we appreciate that? Sometimes it’s good to keep your mouth shut and just do the job (T.O., looking at you).
Truly his answers (or lack thereof) are more interesting than the classic cliches that athletes tend to spew when on the podium. Answers like, “We’re going to play hard and hopefully win the game.” Or “They’re a good team and we need to prepare for them.” Lynch isn’t about that, he just wants to go out and get the team a W, with his body and skill. Words don’t win games. He’s just a man of few words when the camera is on him, unless he’s playing Mortal Kombat But check out the video below where BeastMode gives a much needed shoutout to the “Africans”.

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