Pumped Up Sports – The Quad Cities’ Premier Recreational Sports Organization


If you like sports and games, live in or around the QC and want to prove you’re not washed up (or prove that you are), here’s something for you:

Pumped Up Sports is the first large scale “OUTramural” sports organization of its kind for the Quad Cities. Having started on MeetUp.com, Pumped Up Sports was made to focus on a more niche group in terms of locale, and it really has some cool features on the site to make it easy and fun for people who are looking to play sports with peers.

Here’s how it works:

1) Head to P.U.S. site and click “profiles“. Here, you can create a player card type profile that is listed on the site for all to see. There are currently profiles for basketball and extreme sports (skateboarding, rollerblading, scooters, activities that moms make their kids wear elbow pads for).

2) Once your profile is set up, you can set your availability to play and a Google Calendar shows which users are available on given days, making it very easy to meet new competition.

3) Avid basketball players looking for competitive games can also tweet “#courtcheck” to let others know where they’re headed for a quick hoop session and it live streams straight onto the Pumped Up Sports website.

4) Local courts and entry fees are listed on the site, giving a description of the gym and best times to play.

5) You can also set up sessions in advance under your sport’s respective tabs, letting people know when, where and how many people you plan on bringing.

The idea of Pumped Up Sports is great for QC athletes and its future looks auspicious. Founder Cam Fleming has found a void to fill in QC recreational activities. As for the future, he says he’s planning a skateboard and scooter tournament this Fall, as well as a basketball tournament. Expanding on various sports is also on his mind; he plans on adding flag football, softball and kickball tournaments and leagues as P.U.S. takes off.

Make a profile on Pumped Up Sports today!

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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