Lil Wayne’s Ultimate ‘Carter’ Playlist

For a large number of 20-something’s, it goes without saying the impact Lil Wayne had on our lives nearly a decade ago. His 2005-2009 run of hits and non-stop content was purely bewildering and nothing short of legendary. So, a couple weeks ago, A-WillisCaleb, DJ TANNiNG TATUM and myself got together to compile a Tha Best of Tha Carters playlist.

Here were the rules:

• Only officially released tracks from Carters I-IV.

• 20 tracks. Exception: (intro/outro/interlude from one of the albums can be considered one track – total of 22 tracks)

After an intense listening session, we came up with a pool of 36 songs that we deemed worthy of consideration of making the list.What we found (but weren’t surprised at) is this album is heavily comprised of Carter II and III tracks, what we were surprised at, is that more Carter IV tracks made the list than Carter I tracks. You may be thinking, “THA CARTER IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN CARTER IV HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?!?!” and you would be correct. I’m not sure exactly how, but as solid as C1 is, the very, very few highs of C4 were higher than those of C1.

Without boring you to death with a synopsis of why which songs made the list, just read the list and furthermore, listen to the playlist.

  1. 3 Peat (C3)
  2. Fly In (C2)
  3. Go DJ (C1)
  4. Tha Mobb (C2)
  5. This Is the Carter (C1)
  6. I’m a Dboy (C2)
  7. Bring It Back (C1)
  8. Best Rapper Alive (C2)
  9. Mr. Carter (C3)
  10. Money On My Mind (C2)
  11. Let the Beat Build (C3)
  12. Fireman (C2)
  13. Hustler Muzik (C2)
  14. John feat. Rick Ross (C4)
  15. A Milli (C3)
  16. 6 Foot 7 Foot feat. Cory Gunz (C4)
  17. Carter II (C2)
  18. Tie My Hands feat. Robin Thicke (C3)
  19. She Will (C4)
  20. Mrs. Officer (C3)
  21. Lollipop (C3)
  22. Fly Out (C2)

Listen to “Tha Best of Tha Carters” on Apple Music.

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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