Tough Love: Michael Jordan Is Not Your Father


Another NBA season wrapped up, another season of redundant remarks from the fanatical fingers of LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s devoted, digital swordsmen, sworn to defend the honor of their MCM completed.

Watching “Greatest of All-Time” basketball debates online is like trying to follow Game of Thrones solely through post-show reviews told third-hand. Who is the ~true~ King of the North? Gee, hope this four paragraph diatribe predominately extracted from an earlier exaggerated analysis by a talking head paid to ramble on the subject is good! 

You Jordan jock-holders exert so much energy defending the ghost of his greatness against a potential heir to his throne that you don’t have enough left to objectively enjoy the breadth of the present. It’s hard to appreciate what is if you’re stuck on what was, my pals.

How quick we are to reminisce in the mystique of infallibility of legends of the past when we witness flaws in the greats of right now. Please request all the tapes before you give your 13 reasons why some legend’s legacy can’t be outdone or outshined.

Think about this, are you really so upset about someone like LeBron possibly, maybe having a shot at becoming the greatest basketball player ever that it causes your digits to discharge viscerally-volleyed dissertations to “Derek” from high school because he thinks he has a shot? ……

Michael Jordan isn’t your father… Why defend his honor like he is? Being this romantic over a basketball legacy makes you sound like a cuckold, my guy. A Cuck Boy™.

Here’s something I’ve come to realize. People tend to revere athletes, presidents, icons, etc. as the greatest they’ve ever seen at a time when they themselves were the happiest or before life or regret hit them in the face. Ex. If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s reading this, there’s a solid chance Reagan is your parents’ favorite President.

Anyway, I said all of that to say this:

The debates of who’s better, what era is better, who never lost in the Finals, who didn’t lose in earlier rounds more doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter and won’t matter. Even if some new technology that could appropriately simulate the outcome of games based on teams in different eras was available. Doesn’t matter. Why? More important things. Even more important than this blog post explaining why these things are trivial. People reflect on the past with such thick rose-tinted glasses that when they take them off to look at the present, it doesn’t look as good. That’s sad. I want more for us.

I’m out, though. Be great, stay safe, do something that makes you happy.


P.S. People who bet on games in Facebook comments, but put the dollar sign after the numbers are never going to pay you if you win.

TL;DR — Don’t get so caught up in the past that you can’t appreciate the current. Don’t be a Cuck Boy™.

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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