Best Dad Award: Man Claims a Piece of Africa to Make His Daughter a Princess

Jeremiah Heaton, an American man from Virginia found uncharted land in Africa and decided to make a trip, claim the land, crown himself king and his daughter a princess.


According to Newsweek, Heaton owns a mining saftey company, and while searching the Internet for unclaimed land, finding Antarctica with plenty of it, but international treaties prevent any country to take it over, he found a latin term called terra nullius. Heaton went on to say he found a 795 square mile sliver of land between Egypt and Sudan that has been unclaimed since 1902.


Sounds like a joke, right? Not to Heaton, who has claimed to use the land – Kingdom of North Sudan – as a server farm for online privacy, renewable technology, agricultural research to help feed the hungry, as well as applying to the United Nations. As to how this will be funded? Heaton says by “the love and generosity of the people of the world.”

The country’s slogan is “Science for the Service of All.”



Check out the rest of the details in the article Newsweek posted here.

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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