The Best Vines of 2014

Social media was nothing short of entertaining in 2014. Below is our favorite Vine videos of the year. Kick back and laugh!

Fighting tall people:

Can’t take a hint:

When you get run over:

DMX can get anything hyped up:

But hopefully not this turned up:

When your song comes on:

The caption, though…

When “Heart and Soul” meets the Nae Nae


In love with the Coco

<3 The Notebook 2

Not so fast, bub

Better watch out…


Chicken breast stroke:

Happy birthday to the ground!


The goat, brah?

Top 3 vine of the year

When mom isn't home:

Puppy lost its voice

"It's fire"

So fresh, so clean

Yes or no?

About a week ago…


Therapy sessions aren't going well…

Top 3 loop of the year


Selfie game weak AF

How "on fleek" came about:

Getting it.

The Notorious SNES

Backflip canyon


When "baes" parents aren't home:

Drugs are bad, mmmmkay.

Players and …itches

Not funny…


Mustard on the beat!

So cool.


House #BecomeAnotherPerson

Sasso the GOAT

Fufu lame shit


The most attractive:

"I'll kill you"

Backstreet's Back:



When the beat drops:

Draft analysis:

Bert and Ernie:

Turning lane beer pong:

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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