Iggy Azalea Makes Bank At Vegas Casino?


During her busy touring schedule this past weekend, Iggy “Fancy” Azalea found some time to hit the casino to make some serious extra dough. According to U.K. tabloid the Daily Mail, she posted a photo to her Instagram on Saturday, Sept. 21 of her hand holding $10,000 in cold hard cash. She earned over 60,000 likes from her fans before deciding to delete the photo from existence, though the Daily Mail was able to get a screenshot. And in doing so, they reported that she must have won the money at a casino in Atlanta, because she performed there the night before during the 2014 Midtown Music Festival.

The thing is, there actually aren’t any casinos in Atlanta! Therefore, she couldn’t have won that money during her time in the Georgia capital. In doing some (easy) detective work, it became clear that she was in the gambling capital of the U.S., aka Las Vegas, the very next night for the iHeartRadio Festival. Therefore, it’s clear what happened here: Iggy posted her fistful-of-cash photo after making some serious loot in Sin City and then realized it wasn’t too smart to show off that kind of cash on Instagram.

Here’s a thought, Iggy, if you’re apparently so eager to gamble. You would be better off playing online poker at Betfair, for several reasons. First, and most importantly, you can do it anonymously and not have to worry about being stalked by your likely crazy fans — ”especially the nasty male ones” — and you could flaunt your cash in the web game without anyone knowing who you are. Also, they have opportunities to play in real-life games in places like Vegas so, who knows, maybe next time you could get into the action in a more official capacity.

Iggy wouldn’t be the first rapper to get into the poker action, online or not. Most notably, Nelly (who has admittedly fallen out of the public eye) is a huge fan of the game. Just last year, he took part in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, according to the Sun Sentinel. He revealed that he ends up doing pretty well for himself, primarily because his opponents try so hard to knock him out of the games for bragging rights. To be fair, it would be kind of great to take part in a poker tournament where, to your surprise, you got the chance to take down someone like Nelly.

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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