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Today education is the new sales. To prove our worth we must understand a prospect’s pains and provide useful information during the initial encounter that demonstrates how we can help them succeed. In doing so it’s important not to overdo communicating creatively. Exaggeration can be dangerous and when you can’t deliver your reputation is in jeopardy. Instead, use your energy explaining why you’re better than the competition, but don’t over detail your prospect to sleep.

As for the elevator pitch, mastering this is critical. Don’t be a robot, this should sound natural. By definition this is a brief description of your company, product, or service and how you can add value to potential customers.  The goal? To communicate key info that will invite longer conversation in the future . The biggest problem people have is their pitch is good on paper, but not in practice. This is because they sound too much like TV. You want to make an impactful first impression. Reach for engagement vs. making people feel sold.  If you’re too focused on selling benefits you forget the #1 reason people network in the first place – to CONNECT with each other.

Key things to focus on:

  • Use simple language
  • Don’t speak how you write
  • Make your pitch a question: example – “You ever had a college class where you can’t understand the professor and the book is no help?  I’m an academic trainer and I help students perform their best in challenging courses. “
  • Practice until it doesn’t sound rehearsed.
  • Remember a pitch is not always required:  If you’re already connecting just roll with it.

Finally don’t force business cards when making the first encounter. This doesn’t mean they’re not useful, but again the objective is to CONNECT with these people and help one another. We all want to build relationships with those that are worth our time. Instead of exchanging cards, try this: If someone asks for a card provide them with your email address via smartphone/paper and ask if you can send them your contact info along with something interesting. If they’ve asked for your card they’re already intrigued so it’s highly likely they will be open to this. This gives you permission to contact people, makes you easier to remember, and allows you an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Remember when doing this be sure to send something that is useful, provides educational value, or is entertaining.

The bottom line: EDUCATION translates to VALUE translates to a CONNECTION.

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-Money Never Sleeps 

Author: Alec Fetterer

Founder and CEO at Transform Tutoring

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