Kelvin Jones – Call You Home

This guy, Kelvin Jones, is becoming an Internet sensation. A college student from Portsmouth, Britain, he composed this song himself and shared his inspiration behind it on his YouTube page:

“I tend to write songs from the perspective of an exaggerated, inflated version of myself and how I feel at the time,” he wrote. “With that said, this song is the closest I’ve come to not exaggerating emotion and simply expressing my self directly. I found myself singing ‘Can I call you home’ over and over until I realised what it really meant.

“This song could be mistaken for a really over the top confessional love song, if you miss the fact that the lyrics are an inner monologue of someone not able to vocalise them yet, rather than a bold vocalised statement to the object of the affection.”

Listen to “Call You Home” and the more songs from his Soundcloud page below:

Download “Call You Home” and others songs from Kelvin’s Bandcamp page.

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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