Northwestern University Football Team Seeks to Form Union


This could be big.

Players of Northwestern University’s football team are attempting to create a union in collegiate athletics, a move to bring more financial and legal rights to team members.

Quarterback Kain Colter said the NFL players have representation such as the National Football League Players Association, the NBA has the NBAPA, and college players should have similar representation, which is why the College Athletes Players Association has been newly formed.

“The system resembles a dictatorship where the NCAA mandates rules and regulations that players must abide by without any input or negotiation,” Colter said on a conference call.

The NCAA generates north of $16 billion in television contracts alone. The athletes, who also produce sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandise purchases and championship payouts, go unpaid.

“These athletes generate billions of dollars per year, which pay coaches and athletic administrators multi-million dollar salaries,” said Ramogi Huma, founder and president of the CAPA. “Yet the NCAA scholarship limits leave players with $3,000-5,000 per year in out-of-pocket expenses.”

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