Peek: A One-Stop Site and App for Travel


Think about the last time you researched and planned out a trip to take. Now, as fun and exciting as planning trips can be. The accumulation of time researching and comparing on a multitude of websites can become exorbitant; 20 hours on average.

With, that can help cut down that researching time tremendously.

Peek is a travel tool that is truly a one-stop site to discover and book activities. With a sleek, user-friendly site interface, you’ll have no troubles diving into site-seeing in Paris or looking for exotic cuisine in New York City. They also just launched their iOS and Android apps.

Download and open the app and you instantly take a personality test to gauge your interests by choosing the more interesting of two photographs. I was labeled as a culture seeker.

Solid, easily navigable interface


You can log in via Facebook or register a username on their site (if you’d rather keep nosy Facebook out of your business). You can also browse as a guest.

Peek currently has 17 U.S. cities and two European cities chock-full of adventures to make your getaway a great one. Peek even has a section for locals to get the most out of their great city.

Simplify your travel planning, not your travels. Take a look at Peek today.

Author: SG

Founder of Cultivated Influence.

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