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Working for a start-up company – turned successful business has provided me with some great insight on how to establish a profitable venture and what it takes to not only stay relevant, but grow year after year. Here are a few things I picked up  along the way.

  • Following a KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is important both in design and in practice. Avoiding complexities will make your product/service simple, clear, and sustainable; allowing you to center your focus on the things that never go out of style within your market.
  • The Start-Up is a fairy tale land, where profitability is an afterthought. It will fade away if it cannot adhere to the economic rules of revenue in, expenses out. A business without a path to profit isn’t a business, it’s a hobby. So from day one act like a true business and your odds of sticking around are much higher.
  • In the end, the work you’re doing has to both matter and make business sense. Ask yourself why you’re doing it? Is it worth your time? Are you solving a problem? Does it add any value? Is there an easier way? Knowing the answers to these questions will keep you focused on the bigger picture, and shed light on whether or not what you’re doing can be productive for a long period of time.

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-Money Never Sleeps 

Author: Alec Fetterer

Founder and CEO at Transform Tutoring

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