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The old commutative property that time=money and money=time is being tested more than ever as recent high school and college grads weigh the opportunity cost of forgoing more education to avoid a hefty amount of student loan debt.  One could argue: is taking on such a financial obligation  worth a four year degree when the value of these degrees to employers is decreasing as the years go by and the number of people who carry them is multiplying?

The answer to the question above is unclear for the young entrepreneurial minds of today. There are pros and cons to each avenue. However, regardless of whether you have a diploma or not, being highly educated and experienced  in whatever line of work you wish to reside in is critical to your value and success.

This generation is competing with three billion other ambitious and highly talented individuals who are determined for success and just as hungry as you are for that dream job. It is no longer sufficient to simply go to school and hope that a degree gets you the career your heart desires. You must be smarter, more active, and one step ahead of your competition.

My advice: Get every penny out of your time, literally. Find applicable literature and media that will enhance your knowledge in your field of interest and become proactive in your own career development. Be known as the “fill in the blank” person with X, Y, Z specialty or skill and become a thought leader within your community or network.

– Money Never Sleeps

Author: Alec Fetterer

Founder and CEO at Transform Tutoring

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