Video: High Schooler Drains 135 3-Pointers in 5 Minutes

135/147 (92%)… His buddy had 135 assists and 12 rebounds. Not a bad day for either of them. Details below.

Josh Ruggles is a 6’1 2015 G from Wheaton Academy (West Chicago, IL) who is the reigning Illinois 2013 King of the Hill (IHSA State Three Point Champion). Josh has spent his last two off seasons playing for the Illinois Mercury Elite 17U team in National tournaments like the Adidas Invitational, the NY2LA UASummerJam, and the GRBA National Championship. This past season, Josh averaged about 16 ppg playing up a year for the Mercury Elite 17U team, shooting nearly 48% from three while being constantly face guarded. During this season’s NCAA Tournament, Josh saw a video of Michigan’s Nik Stauskas hitting 102 three pointers in five minutes with two balls and one rebounder. This video went viral, gaining almost 200,000 views. A few months later, a St. John’s player names Max Hooper broke Stauskas’ record by hitting 109 three pointers in five minutes with two balls and one rebounder. Josh Ruggles attempted the same drill a few weeks ago, hitting 111 three pointers in 5 minutes to establish a new Men’s World Record. After holding the record for two days, Josh’s record was beaten by Max Hooper, who tweeted a video of himself hitting 121 three pointers in 5 minutes to Josh’s Mercury Elite team’s twitter page (@MercuryEliteAAU). While Ruggles and Hooper were competing for the Men’s World Record, neither of them was close to the overall World Record set by the WNBA’s Laurie Koehn, who made an incredible 132 three pointers in five minutes. After a week of workouts, Josh decided to attempt to beat the World Record on August 8, 2013. To do so, he moved to his home court at Wheaton Academy. In five minutes, Josh Ruggles connected on 135 three pointers, setting the World Record REGARDLESS of gender and shooting 92% in the process. (135-147).

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