The 100K & SG Collection (Back Story + Videos)

From the Mick Swagger video above, to the BNE parties, to the random videos over flipped beats, the man they call 100 Grand, also known as Drew and myself did some pretty cool/dope/life altering stuff during over the summer of two thousand eleven.


This is the story of how the collective greatness of came about; it’s actually all very contingent on a few random occurrences. Drew and I worked at the same company for a summer in 2010, but we were on different shifts so really we didn’t do too much parlaying at that time. I really only knew him as the guy from St. Louis who drove the Beamer and he knew me as the “cool Mexican-looking guy who played dope music on the stereo” – his words, lol.

We didn’t really connect (pause) until Spring 2011. There was a Big Sean concert in Iowa City I attended where he was onstage videographing Calliko, who was an opening act for Sean. I was laughing for a second thinking “WOW this guy onstage with Calli looks a lot like that little Puerto Rican BMW driving dude I worked with.”

To show how small the world is, one of his boys from back in St. Louis, PT and I followed each other on Twitter on some random Trending Topic starter (back when that was cool) stuff.

Anyway, it wasn’t until a few weeks later when I ran into Drew at a bar that he approached me with an idea. He goes “Yo man, you’re funny as fuck with these quirky Facebook statuses and tweets. I started this website and I want you to blog on it.” I agreed to come aboard. I come up with this blog series concept that basically berates the inconsistencies of people who portray themselves as something they’re not. I called it “Tough Love”. While crude at times, it was articulated in a way that even if it wasn’t appreciated in satire, I could at least be recognized for good grammar and composition. The series was an instant hit. Within the first month of my weekly series, site views jumped 500% (horn toot). By July, my second full month dropping Tough Love blogs, we were getting 5K viewers a month. Not bad at all for a start-up site with a low-to-no budget advertising campaign. I dropped around 50 original posts that year, met some amazing people from the experiences and parties, and grew exponentially as a writer, a person and how I want to/how I will be able to shape my future. The rest is history.

Now, video time. There are tons of footage that hasn’t been released yet, so I’m sure that this post will be updated numerous times as it sees the light of day. Enjoy.

Best Night Ever #1

Best Night Ever #2

Best Night Ever Promos



La Bella Vita (100KVision + SG musical contribution)

Author: SG

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